Baby Crying…

In the midst of the night,

I saw my baby,

Quietly crying…

I felt so hurt

I felt so sad…

Baby, mommy sorry…

I don’t know what to do…

I love you.




What should I do?

I’ll try my best, baby.

For you and me.

For a better day,

For a better life!

A Turning Point,

I am right here,

By myself again,

Another turning point,

In my life

For better or worse,

It’s all my choice

There will be rocks,

There will be thorns,

There will be storms.

No matter what,

I know,

At the end,

I will be fine.

With a smile,

And a gentle heart.

Another turning point,

In my life,

Take a deep breath in,

Gather all my courage,

I’ll be walking the path,

The unknown journey,

The path of hope,

The path of joy,

The path of passion.



In Sync,

Take a deep breath in,

Slowly breathing out.

Closing my eyes,

Feeling the air,

Hearing the sound.

One book,

One person,

One moment

Can change your life,





Or passionate,



It’s all a choice.

Listen to your heart!

Listen to your soul!

In sync,

With the earth,

With nature.

Pay attention,

What your heart tells you!

Your body,

Your mind,

Your spirit,

Tells it all!

In sync,

True to your core.

Stick to your guts.


The power,

Of being oneself.


I Miss You…

Dear baby,

Mommy miss you. Do you know that? I love you so much baby.

Everyday is a challenge for mommy. Mommy has to go through so many things, do you know that?

Many things that happened to mommy that you would not imagine that it would be possible.

I don’t know what I should do baby.

I think I need a quiet place.

What is love?

What is love?

I’m wondering

Can I see it?

Can I grab it?

Can I feel it?

What is love?

I’m wondering

Can I touch it?

Can I taste it?

Can I hold it?

Will it last forever?

Will it be sweet?

Or will it be sour?

What is love?

I’m wondering…

Will it bring joy,

Or bring tears…

What is love?

I’m wondering

Have I found it?

And where is it now?


After a long day working, I came home to an angle and got to play with him in the park. How peaceful and tranquil it is… This is just like a heaven for me- a shelter for my life.

Actually many things have happened recently. Some people just make up stories and badmouth about me.

And some people make harsh judgments and criticisms, even though they do not know much about me, what I have to go through and all that. Deep down in my heart, I know that I did not do anything against them. According to Buddhism, when people have harsh judgments, it is come from their impure hearts. And how I react to it is much more important. I can choose to be angry and upset. Or I can just take it easy, smile and move on with my life.

I chose the second one. Or at least I have been trying to choose the second one most of the time. No matter what, I want to keep my heart pure- pure of anger and hatred. Life is too short to fill those with your heart. I rather fill my heart with kindness, generosity, meekness, and compassion.

Life is filled with too much miseries already. Why do we have to make each other, who we call friends, coworkers, neighbors, brothers and sisters, etc… suffer?

When we are born, we are very innocent and pure. As time passes, those innocent eyes are replaced with the eyes of suspicion, judgement, and insensitivities. Indeed, in our society, we grew to be insensitive to other people’s feelings. We only care for our own benefits and may be take all cost to achieve that goals.

Perhaps I only have a pair of hands, one little heart and one little mind; but I hope that at least I can make a difference. First in my own life, and in the lives of those around me.

You can call IT God, Buddha, or whatever it is according to your own belief. I do believe in one thing, that we all have the same purpose. And God or Buddha always want us to be good people…

Perhaps heaven is not too far… It is where you make it right now… It is in our own hearts. Let’s create our own heaven together, for you and me, for everyone, just simply being kind to each other.