True Self

Only when one can lose oneself in God,

Then one can find oneself again.

Only when one give up everything,

Then one can gain everything again.

Only when one can truly repent,

Then one can truly be pure.

Only when one can let go everything,

Then one can truly be free.

And only when one can become oneself,

When one is in unity with God.


The Gate of Choice,

Every quite so often,

I contemplate on death.

On what would it be,

When I face You,

On how my soul feels,

When I was praying,

In front of the Eucharist,

In front of Your Cross,

I trembles,

Because You are so pure,

Because You are so holy,

Because You are so powerful,

Yet humble in all ways,

Yet kind and meak in all ways.

My soul felt overwhelmed,

And consumed in Your light.

Indeed, the stronger Your light shines,

The more I see myself so dark,

So sinful, ugly and unwanted.

Yet, You want every fabric of my soul.

Yet, You want every fiber of my heart.

I love You Lord.

Please lead me!

Please guide me!

Please protect me!

I love You Lord!


Sacred heart of Jesus!

I trust in You!

Sacred heart of Jesus!

I trust in You!

Sacred heart of Jesus!

I trust in You!


Where am I going?

I don’t know?

Where is my soul heading to?

Well I know I’m thriving to head to Him

Will God accept me?

Will God have mercy on this poor soul?

Where am I going?

What is the meaning of life?

This life,

My life…


Just wherever God leads me,

That is where I am going!


The closer I get to You,

The more light shines upon me,

It’s not because how good I am.

It’s because how good You are.

The more I am open to You,

The more You speaks to me,

It’s not because You didn’t speak to me,

It was because I didn’t hear

It was because I was distracted,

It was because I didn’t listen.

I’m Lost

I’m lost,

I’m saddened.

Oh my God!

Please guide me!

Please help me!

I’m so lost,

Without You by my side.

I feel so lonely,

I’m saddened.

Please lift me up,

Take me under Your wings!

And give me hope,

Give me light!

And give me love!

The love that this world cannot give!

The love that never die!

Oh my God!

I’m so desperate for Your love!

Where are you God?

I’ve been searching for you.

How can I feel You?

When I’m by myself.

When no human man by my side.

How can I feel love?

When my loved ones left me.

One by one…

Oh God!

Please help me,

And guide me…