Now everywhere I go,

I look at people differently.

I pray them a Hail Mary,

I see the suffering in their eyes.

I feel more empathized.

Oh my soul,

My Lord…

I know what’s suffering means now,

Is to be union of others,

To truly learn how to love…

Love thy neighbors,

And one another…


Tender Loving Care,

Peaceful nap at school,

Tender loving care.

Paw patrol in hands,

Mommy by your side.

Love you day and night.

Watching you grow up.

Mommy’s growing old.

Every single storm,

Every rainy day,

You be by my side.

Hugging me dearly.

Tender loving care.

Peaceful sleep at home

Watching you grow up.

Mommy’s growing old…


Dear God,

Please teach me,

To love,

Without reservation.

To love,

Without limitation.

Please teach me,

To be kind,

To be gentle,

And sensitive,

To other’s needs

And other’s feelings

Please teach me,

Please show me the way!

Please mold me,

Into your instruments,

Of love,

Of peace,

And bring hope,

And light…

To Love and not to Judge, 

When you judge,

You don’t have time to love


Can be harsh,

Can be subtle,

Looking into details,

Of weaknesses,

Of shortcomings,

No one is perfect,

No one is flawless,

Love can be great,

Judgement can be harsh,

When you judge someone,

You don’t have time to love them.




To love,

And not to judge,

Is so hard ,

It’s in human nature,

But if we surrender,

To a greater self,

To a wiser mind,

To a deeper soul,

That’s when we triumph,

The greatest victory of all.

The victory of ourselves. 

Thrive and Smile…

You either die, or you thrive

You either cry, or you smile

You either love, or you lose

Life is a process

Love is a journey

Up and down

Tough and hurt

Good and bad

Life continues on

You either die, or you thrive

You either cry, or you smile

Let’s thrive

Because at the end of the road

There’s flowers

There’s peace

There’s happiness

Let’s smile

Because at the end of the road

There’s love

There’s compassion

There’s kindness

Let’s thrive

Let’s smile

And embrace life…

Life is Beautiful,

Life is beautiful,

I am so grateful,

With so many blessings,

I do lack nothing,

I am so abundant,

Prosper with great gifts,

Gifts of eyesights,

Gifts of my two hands,

Gifts of my healthy body,

Gifts of my sound mind,

Gifts of my gentle heart,

Gifts of family,

Gifts of friends,

Gifts of nature,

Gifts of this universe.

I am so abundant,

So rich,

So blessed,


I am so grateful,

For every breath I take,

For every drop of air,

Life is beautiful!