And it’s just sometimes,

It’s so easy to hate than to love,

It’s so easy to blame than to understand.


And it’s just sometimes,

It’s so easy to be bitter than to be better,

It’s so easy to throw away than to save.


And it’s just sometimes,

It’s so easy to judge than to accept,

It’s so easy to hate than to love.



Conditional Love,

When they feel like loving you,

When your behaviors boost their egos,

Everything about you is sexy,

Everything about you is nice,

When they don’t feel like loving you anymore,

Everything about you is annoying…

Everything about you is wrong…

Their love is conditional,

It’s tied to the situations,

It’s tiered to the feelings,

It’s tied to their own egos…

When it hurts their egos,

Then they will turn around.

And drop off everything,

Without even care,

Without even sympathize,

That’s called conditional love. 

Thank You for Leaving Me,

Thank you for leaving me now,

When I’m still young and pretty,

Because if I’m young and pretty,

And you still would leave me,

Then how about when I’m old and ugly?

Thank you for leaving me now,

When I made some stupid mistakes.

Because if it’s for little mistakes,

That you willingly to leave me.

Then how about big mistakes?

Thank you for leaving me now!

To clear away the path,

So that true love can finds me,

Because only when it’s meant to be,

That my love would never leave me,

When I’m old and ugly,

When I make some stupid mistakes,

When I’m at my lowest.

He will lift me up,

He will protect me,

He will still be with me!

Thank you for leaving me now!

So one day,

God will find a way,

To bring my true love,

And it will be inseparable.

I will love him boundlessly,

With all my heart and my soul, 

Die or Thrive…

You either die,

Or you thrive…

It seems so easy.

And so obvious.

Just like black and white.

But in fact, it’s not 

You must have to die,

Die of yourself,

Die of your past,

Die of every cell,

In your deepest tissue.

All the veins and nerves,

Open up your wounds,

Your body is dying,

Withering away…

And one day it’s dead.

Death of the old cells,

Death of the old self,

Then from death it rises,

Give birth to new life,

Give birth to new hope.

Give birth to new self,

Full of energy,

And vitality,

Full of joy and love,

Hopeful and peaceful.

Thriving up again,

To die,

Then to thrive!


I’ve never experienced life,

Like the way I now before…

It’s so powerful,

It’s like a wake up call.

That you start to learn,

About this very world.

For the very first time.

I experienced 

The emptiness,

The loneliness,

The stillness,

The solitude,

The suffering,

The agonies,

The bitterness.

The whole spectrum…

I’ve never tasted life like this,

Ever before.


What an experience!


Now everywhere I go,

I look at people differently.

I pray them a Hail Mary,

I see the suffering in their eyes.

I feel more empathized.

Oh my soul,

My Lord…

I know what’s suffering means now,

Is to be union of others,

To truly learn how to love…

Love thy neighbors,

And one another…

Oh My Soul,

Oh my soul,

How am I supposed to think?

How an I supposed to feel?

The night seem to be so long…

My heart has been quenched!

My soul has been afflicted!

I’ve been praying the rosary…

For those I hold so dear…

For my very dear love,

For those who’s been sick…

For my friend’s dad,

Whom just been hospitalized..

For his patient,

Whom at the last stage of cancer..

Oh my soul…

Tell me why?

How are you feeling?

Why can’t you sleep?

The night seems to be so long…

Tomorrow is the Religious Congress,

On a second day…

I’m so excited,

I’m so blessed!

Oh my Lord!

Please heal my soul!

Please heal my brokenheart!





Oh my soul,

How am I supposed to say?

Dear Lord,

Dear Holy Mary,

Please forgive for all my sins!

So one day,

When I’m closed,

When you’re near…

And I’m ready,

To see You…

Oh my soul,

Until then…

Please grant me wisdom!

Please grant me light!

Please grant me peace!

Please make me feel loved!

The love I’ve been yearning for…

All I need is his love…

But it’s not here anymore…

Then please give me Your Love!

My soul’s longing for Your Love!

Please just love me!

Please don’t abandon me!

I love you Lord!

Don’t ever leave me…

Even one moment…

Oh my soul…

My Love…

My Lord…