Fill my heart,

Fill my mind,



All of those,

Will pass away,


Through out time

All I need,

Is peace,

Is true caring,

Is true love,

Love that does not jealous,

Love that does not boast,

Love that does not judge,

Who knows…

Perhaps I don’t need it either,

Love can come and go,

But if you make peace with yourself,

It will stay forever…



Nobody can truly love you,

The way that you love yourself.


Your true lover,

Is the one you look in the mirror

Nobody can fill a hole in your heart,

Nobody can make you feel complete,

Nobody can truly know how you feel,

Nobody can understand you wholely,

Except yourself,

Except God.

Only God knows all,

Only God sees all,

Only God accepts all.

Perhaps He is my True Lover,

Perhaps nobody else.

I think I am just happy,

The way I am now.

Just live a simple life,

Just do what I need to do,

Enjoy little things in life,

Appreciate every small thing,

TIme flies,


Every moment,

Every day,

Your loved ones,

One day, they are here

The next moment,

They can be gone.

Nothing is permanent.

Even love,

Even feelings,

Only kindness stay,

And the space inside,

Between you and me…




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