Sailing My Journey…

Dear God/Buddha,

Please give me strength and power to sail through the sea!

Please light up my way at night so I won’t get lost!

Please calm the storm so I won’t be drown!

Please shoo away all the sharks when I’m a lone!

Please warm me up when I am cold!

Please bring the wind when I am drained!

Please tell me that I’ll be just fine!

Most importantly,

Please safeguard my heart!

My  heart for you and only.

To keep it safe and sacred,

Free from stain and hatred,

Sunshines, the oceans, the horizon…

So far away, so out of touch!

Please bring it closer to me!

So I can feel it in my heart.

The hope that I always have.

The belief in goodness.

Please show me the way…

Everyday and every path that I take.

Droplets of happiness,

A smile of gentleness,

Please give me courage and strength,

So I can carry on…

My way,

My journey,

My love…




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