Visian ICL

2 more days and I will have Visian ICL procedure done. I am so excited but also felt very calm.

I have been waiting and wanting to do this procedures for a couple of years now, but the cost of it and the fear as well kept holding me back.

Now I know that nothing can hold me back from going ahead to get Visian ICL done.

After all, I have been suffering more from wearing contact lens and glasses more than anything else. What is the worse thing can happen, when the best thing is waiting for me?

I have used up 3 drops per eye today now. These drops help me to prepare for the surgery.

I don’t know what it would like to be able to see clearly and vividly again. I hardly remember the time when I was able to see, because I have nearsightedness from as early as the age of 6 as I can remember.

So all my memories are remembered through my blurry eyes.

It would be so wonderful to wake up every day and be able to see. Yes!! To see clearly!!

Visian ICL indeed can change my life, for the better… And the better part has yet to come!!!

Contact lenses and glasses isolated on white

Contact lenses and glasses isolated on white


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