Farewell, my bamboo friend

Farewell, my bamboo friend

It’s time to say goodbye!

Now and forever…

Not sure when we can reunite

Perhaps in Heaven?

Farewell, my bamboo friend

Thank you for all the joy,

The laughters we shared,

The jokes we all had,

The dreams we all shared

Now I realized,

How beautiful it was

Time we were together

The presence indeed

Was the precious moments!

Now you are on your way

To another path

The path of true love

The path of true life

The path of true light!

Have I told I loved you?

The sisterly love in Christ

Have I told you I loved Him?

The love I hold dear,

The love I secretly harvest

In my heart and in my soul

Farewell, my bamboo friend

Forever we are friends

May God bless you

Every moment in your life

May Jesus guide you

To touch every life

With a genuine love

With a simple smile

With a pure sweet heart

Two paths, two stories

Same love, same passion

Let’s fight the good fight

Let’s win the battle!

Let praise God in glory!

Now and forever,

Let’s pray for each other,

We will be together,

One day, sometime soon…

In our sweet home…

Sweet home once again!

Farewell, my bamboo friend!



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