Where I’m From

Writing process:

1. Before I started writing, I had an image of my countryside in mind.

2. I realized that I had a topic when the teacher gave me the topic of “Where I’m From”.

3. I followed the outline that was handed out. And I started to fill in the blank for whatever came to my mind.

4. After the first line or paragraph, everything flew smoothly.

5. I did not revise as I wrote. I began write the whole thing and revise afterward.

Finished piece of writing:

1. Yes, this particular piece of writing is very meaningful to me.

2. Yes, the writing show my thinking on the topic.

3. I think the piece is organized well enough that the reader can understand my ideas. I think so because the outline was given.

4. I feel that I were able to develop and explain my ideas. I think so because everything was genuine and authentic.

5. What I like about this piece of writing is its sentimental value.

I’m from the dry golden straws,

From Vinamilk and Dutch Lady.

I’m from the countryside meadow,

Green, peaceful, like a little breeze.

I’m from the tall everlasting unyielded coconut trees,

The banana flowers,

White crunchy and tasty.

I’m from rice farming and big strong head,

From Trong and Dang,

I’m from easygoing and compassionate.

I’m from Budhhist & Christian,

Just ancestor worshipping,

And believing in God.

From the very easygoing, laid-back, carefree mother,

And the strict, never been seen paternal grandmother.



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