My turtoise and me

My haircut made my beloved tortoise didn’t recognize me, so I ran to the kitchen and shoveled a big piece of fudge in my mouth.

And my closest friend or best friend forever, is surprise, my tortoise. He is so lovely, so adorable. I can’t live without this little cute loyal slow and calm tortoise. I used to have very long hair. I have dark shiny smooth silky hair. My hair length is over my knee.

My tortoise loved my hair so much. Everyday, when I comb my hair beside the reflection of the small pond in our garden, the tortoise looked at me with his sparkling eyes. And I looked at him and smiled. After all, he had been with me since I was born. And I was a special little girl who born with long dark hair. That how he recognized me.

One day, when I went to the supermarket, I saw a magazine of Princess of Heaven with her blonde short hair. I immediately felt in love with her. She looked beautiful– her eyes sparkled with charm and gentleness. I had been looking for a model to look to for so long. Finally, I just found it. It was her. Princess of Heaven was my model.

In my simple innocent mind, I thought that I needed to look like her, because she was my model. Therefore, after days and nights contemplating on changing my hairstyles, I decided to make a breakthrough. The next day, I went straight to a hair salon and changed my hairstyles completely- from dark long hair to short blonde hair. After all, I just wanted to look like my icon.

Having said that, I have a big problem with being sad. Whenever I am sad, I tend to eat a lot. Thus, whenever somebody made me feel sad and depressed, I tent to run to the kitchen and put everything in my mouth.

When I came home and ran to Jacky to show him my new hair, Jacky looked at me, paused and turned his head away. I was puzzled. What was wrong with him? He didn’t recognize me. After all, Jacky and I had been best friend forever, so he should recognize me right away, regardless of the hairstyles.

I ran to my mom and told her the whole story. She looked at me in the eyes and said: ” Darling, Jacky cannot see a person if he or she has short light hair color. He can only see you when you have long and dark hair.”

Now, my long hair was gone. I was so sad and depressed. My haircut made my beloved tortoise didn’t recognize me, so I ran to the kitchen and shoveled a big piece of fudge in my mouth. It seemed only food can comfort my pains of losing the closest friend ever. Only food can fill the gap of emptiness in my heart. I ended up eating all of the fudge my mom made yesterday.

From then on, I promised to myself never look to an icon and mimic his or her appearance, because only virtues count. I love the quality of virtues of Princess of Heaven, but I won’t change my look to look like her. After all, I am still me. And Jacky was my best friend.

Over time, my blonde hair fades and started to grow longer. My hair gradually grew back to its original color and length. At last, Jacky finally recognize me. Only then, I feel happy and blissful, for Jacky was my best friend forever.


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