Spooky Story Starters

Writing process:

1. Before I started writing, I saw an image of skeleton and ghosts.

2. I realized that I had a topic when the instructor gave me the piece of paper of spooky story starter.

3. I wrote whatever I was given from the piece of paper first. I did not do the outline, but I did free write. I tried to keep writing so that the ideas keep flowing.

4. After my first line or paragraph, I kept writing and it became a little bit easier.

5. I did not revise as I wrote. After writing the draft, I came back to make some revisions/editions.

Finished piece of writing:

1. The writing wasn’t totally meaningful or meaningless to me.

2. The writing show my thinking on the topic.

3. I actually the piece wasn’t well organized enough so some readers may get lost.

4. I feel that I were not able to develop and explain my ideas. I think so because I am a little confused myself in creating this spooky story.

5. I feel that the grammar and spelling is clear enough that readers can actually read it. I think so because I reread it and use the spelling check system. 

The scientists cautiously peered into the wooden crate, unsure of otherworldly sounds coming from within it. There were moaning, screaming, blasphemies, and all other scary sounds. Suddenly, the wooden crate was opened and a corpse came out, walking slowly toward the scientists. They were frightened to death. They wanted to run far away but there was nowhere else to go.


Out of the corpse, the dark spirit comes out, flying above, dip in the valley, high above the darkest sky. The sounds keep roaming all, back and forth. They saw fires that people were put in there. Human beings were being deep fried like potato chips, like French fries. Nevertheless, their physical bodies were never burn out. But it wasn’t like just stop there. It just keep going and going on, forever.


Well, not just that, but their bodies were tortured and every thing.


There were hundreds of knives and arrows shoot straight to them. They get hurt and being tortured. The saddest part was that it was an everlasting torture; they will never be able to have a chance to get out of that place.


The scientist records all the images and everything happens.


However, when they arrive home safely and return to the research lab to continue to investigate what was really happening, what were the physics principles behind all the events and all that happened. However, when they turn on the video, nothing was there. There was blank. They were confident and sure that they did record and prepare it with extra cautions. Nevertheless, nothing was able to recorded.


Then, they just turn on the TV. Phewss. Well, that may be all that they have.


But wait, even though they could not see, they were able to hear. And what they hear from the video is exactly the same with what they hear in the wooden crate.


After all, this kind of place would never be able to have an explanation, except to experience it yourself. But then you never want to experience those places either.


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