Writing process:

1. Before I started writing, I have a picture of delicious sashimi plates in my mind.

2. I realized I had a topic when the teacher asked for my most favorite food.

3. Different from other writing assignments, for this particular assignment, I started to outline first. I chose different descriptive adjectives so that later I can use and compose a descriptive paragraph.

4. After the first line or paragraph, I actually stopped for a little bit and took sometime to think how I can write the descriptive sentences. Normally when I write, I tell story, not really describe a lot of things. So this assignment takes some effort. 

5. I made my biggest changes when I have to google and search for descriptive words. That were where I picked my descriptive adjectives. From there, I used the adjectives to compose the paragraph.

Finished piece of writing:

1. The writing was meaningful to me because it was about my favorite food.

2. The writing does show my thinking on the topic.

3. I think this piece is very well organized because I actually outline it before even started to write sentences.

4. I feel that I were able to develop and explain my ideas because I used the outline structure and it helped me a lot.

5. What I like about this piece of writing was the quality of the paragraph- all the 5 senses were used. This would draw reader more closer and can understand and probably be able to imagine the experience as close to my experience as possible.

Sashimi is my most favorite food among different cultural cuisines. First of all, sashimi looks just beautiful on the plate when the waiter takes it out. It looks light and waxy with all the colors. The colorful pigment of each slice of fish looks translucent and bright. Second, the taste of sashimi is unique to any other cuisine. It has a fresh and fishy taste to it, bringing the oceans to the taste buds. It is amazingly delicious! Furthermore, it is creamy and mellow. In addition, the sashimi has a very sharp and fresh smell to it. It is spicy when eaten with wasabi. When melting in the mouth, sashimi tastes acidy and savory. When chewing in the mouth, sashimi has very special sound effects. It has a jingly and yumming sound, but also, squishy and squeaky. Finally, it reminds the splashing sound of the ocean when the fish just jump right on the boat of the fishermen. Finally, the sensation of the sashimi is unbeatable. It has a silky and tender feeling. Besides, it feels fleshy, damp and chilly all in concert.


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