Life is a Mystery

They say “life is a box of chocolate”.

Perhaps it is true to certain extent. Perhaps that what it is supposed to me. That you don’t know what you are supposed to get.

For me, life is a mystery. Every now and then, I wonder about it. I think about it.

And I still cannot figure out.

Tomorrow hasn’t come. So the present time is more precious. 

That is why it is the present- a gift from God.

Nobody will every understand, if not in faith.

But faith alone does not suffice, actions are required.

What good it brings if only talking can be done? I need to learn to be more proactive…

And that is what it is.

Life will become better. I believe God will give me light and hope.

He is generous. He will show me how. He will show me the way- the way to Heaven, with this path on Earth…


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