Vampire & Werewolf

Writing process:

1. Before I started writing, I had an image of a Vampire and a Werewolf.

2. I realized that I had a topic when I picked up a piece of paper from the instructor.

3. I first started the story with “Once upon a time”, and started to free write. I did pause and think about it along the way, but I try to keep it going.

4. I realized what the piece was really about when I wrote toward the end of the story.

5. I realized the story was finished when I ended the story with everyone being all happy.

Finished piece of writing:

1. The writing doesn’t have much meanings to me.

2. The writing does show my thinking on the topic- The Vampire and Werewolf.

3. I think the piece of is well organized enough that the reader can understand.

4. I feel that I were able to develop and explain my ideas. I think so because I created the story just like the way a fairtale does.

5. My topic was about Conversation starter so that was why I have a lot of dialogues in the story.

Once upon a time, there was a vampire princess named Vanessa and a werewolf prince named Williams. Vanessa and Williams met during a dance festival held by the vampire emperor. They fell in love with each other after the dance.
Before leaving, Williams proposed to Vanessa. He asked: “ Vanessa, will you be the vampire wife of a werewolf husband?”
Vanessa nodded eagerly and said: “Williams, I love to marry you… but…” Then she paused sadly for a little bit and said, “ but Williams, I don’t think my father the Vampire emperor will give his blessings for our marriage. He wanted me to marry another Vampire prince in the Dark Forest Land.”
Williams was very sad and didn’t say a word.
Suddenly, the Vampire Emperor appeared between them and bit on Williams’ back. Williams fell unconscious right away, laying flat on the floor.
Vanessa screamed out painfully, “Father, what did you do to Williams? What did you do?”
Replied the Emperor, “No Werewolf can ever can near my daughter!”
Vanessa crushed down and sobbed, “ Oh poor Williams! How am I to live without you…” And she kept sobbing all night.
The following day, Vanessa noticed something different- Williams looked different from hour to hour. She doesn’t pay much attention to it and kept staying by his side until dusk.
At exactly midnight, when Vanessa fell asleep on Williams’ side, Williams’ hands started to move and his eyes opened slowly. Vanessa woke up and was frightened.
Williams now had been transformed completely into a Vampire. Now he is a new Vampire in the land.
Williams was so confused, but when he saw Vanessa, his confusing face broke into a big smile, “ Oh Vanessa Vanessa, how I am to live without you?”
The Vampire Emperor appeared between them, and laughed heartily, “ Sorry my dear daughter, I have to turn him into a Vampire so I can bless your marriage. And our royal rule is no outside of Vampire race marriage. So are you happy now my dear daughter?”
Vanessa’s eyes beaming with happiness and smiled, “ Thank you very much Father! I love you!”
After that, the Vampire Emperor announced their wedding throughout the land and all the royals and dukes were invited.
During the ceremony, the Vampire Emperor held both of their hands and asked Williams, “ Williams, will you take Vanessa- Princess of Vampire Land, as your wife?”
Williams smiled happily and replied, “ Yes, I do.”
Turning into Vanessa, the Vampire Emperor asked, “ Vanessa, will you take Williams- Prince of Faraway Land, as your husband?”
Vanessa also smiled happily and said, “ Yes, I do.”
“You may kiss your bride now, Williams” said the Emperor.
They exchanged their first kiss and lived happily ever after.
Their historical marriage marked an end to the war between the Vampire and the Werewolf.


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