Picture story

Writing process:

1. Before I started writing, I saw the image of a bright yellow young chicken leaving the bright blue house.

2. I started to freewrite and everything else flew along the stream.

3. I sought for responses when turning the paper in for the instructor to review. After receiving back from the instructor and reading the comments, it helps me to know if I was going in the right direction.

4. I ended the piece with peaceful and happy ending.

5. Next time, I may make it more interesting and adventurous.

Finished piece of writing:

1. The writing is meaningful to me.

2. The writing shows my thinking on the topic.

3. I think the peace is organized well enough that the reader can understand my ideas. I think so because the story progresses chronologically.

4. I feel that I were able to develop and explain my ideas. I think so because the whole story makes sense.

5. I feel that the grammar and spelling is clear enough that the reader will be able to understand my meaning. I think so because I reread it and it all makes sense to me.

Once upon a time, inside the forestland, there was a bright blue house. Inside this bright blue house, there was a young chicken. He lives by himself. He is so lonely. One day, he decided to go out and explore the world. And he realized that the world is full of joy and happiness. The world is full of many new things that he hasn’t known.

So he get out of the box and start to explore the world. He travel each country from Asia, to Europe, to Africa, America. Every country on the map has had his feet mark on it.

The more he travel, the more he realized that this world is more than just about his bright blue box. His bright blue box is where he nurtures himself. However, there are times that he needs to get out.

Once he gets out of his box and travel, people start to notice this weirdo young chicken. And they started to follow him. After traveling around the world, the televisions also follow him. There were a lot of viewers. The number of viewers is growing up to millions. Now, this remote weirdo young chicken became famous because he got out of the box and travel around. People started to interview him and make movie about him.

He started to make a lot of money out of it. Out of nowhere, just because getting out of the box, getting this weirdo chicken the title “The millionaire chic”. Isn’t that awesome?

After that, this “millionaire chic” got married and has baby chics. He thought that he would need a school for his baby chics. So he poured out his money to build schools from infancy to adulthood. And the schools teach those chics the same principle that he found: thinking outside of the box.

Because it was so successful and create many successful chics, many chics come out to be millionaires too, because they think outside of the box.

Humans started to question and wonder why those chics do so good. So they investigated and found out.

Humans started to build school teaching kids to think outside of the box. Only after a few years, many of these kids become very successful.

Gradually, the thinking outside of the box education system took over and replaces the old rigid system. Kids started to love to go to schools. Teen suicide, pregnancy, and violent in society decrease tremendously. Only in a few years, those go down to zero. People started to come back to the Eden period. And everyone live happily together, with full of love, joy and happiness, just because one little chic started to think outside of the box.


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