Once upon a time

Writing process:

1. Before I started writing, I have the image of an ancient times.

2. I realized my topic when the instructor gave us the first phrase “Once upon a time”.

3. I type “Once upon a time” first and then started to freewrite.

4. After the first line, I started to keep writing.

5. I did not rewrite as I wrote.

Finished piece of writing:

1. The writing is somewhat meaningful at the beginning. However, it lost its meaning as the story progress.

2. The writing show my thinking on the topic for the very first few sentences.

3. The piece is not very well organized and the reader may have some hard times trying to understand it.

4. I didn’t feel that I were able to develop and explain my ideas.

5. The grammar and spelling wasn’t clear either. So I have to check the grammar again on this piece, as there were many other writers involved besides me.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Aurora. She has her long dark hair and wavy like a school of stream of water. People say she belong to the sea. Some say she belong to the forest. Well, I don’t know where she belongs too. But obviously she is really pretty. She can bring to life to anything as she touches it. Especially her hair, like a flow of river, flows and cleans away all the worries, sadness and evil wherever there was her presence.
She is the prettiest girl in the world.
However, she got a curse from a witch, that she would die if no body can catch her and get to her. She has a body of ice. So she has to live in total isolation too.
Well, that is. One day, there was a prince that come to save her and undo the witch curse on her so she can be free to and come as she please her and the prince lived happily ever after. Then one day the couple had a big argument that you weren’t the prince charming that I thought you were, so then the princess told the prince that we cant be together anymore its impossible for us to even have a future together. The prince didn’t say anything in return he just got his stuff all packed and left through the night without a sound of dust. The next day the prince got lost in the woods and can’t find his way out of the forest. He said, “ What the freak? How am I supposed to come out of the woods?” His conscious said to get out of the woods using a sword or gets a fire to burned the whole forest. He kept thinking that he has no way to get out of the woods. When the Princesses sister came from behind the tree and said if you take me with you I’ll show you where all the treasures are buried from the kingdom and we can run away together, I hate my sister she’s evil and she only thinks about herself. At that moment a pots and pans robot shoots the prince with his ray gun be then a dinosaur comes and eats his body. As the dinosaur began to walk away then a ninja came and sliced open the dinosaur, killing him instantly. The ninja the swooped up the princess and began to fly away with her in his hand (kind of like superman) The ninja ripped open his black button shirt and as he opened the shirt had a big old n on his chest (for ninja) and jumped upside down like Spiderman and kissed the princess then started to the nae nae because he found out he won the princesses love. As he did his dance a bundinse of animals began to twerk into the forest for joy that the ninja won the princesses love well Aurora better get the hell out of forest and go to America ninja and get together spider man and start dancing. Aurora now ready to go to America to find true love packed her princess gown and belongings to take her first journey out of the forest. As she arrived to America, she bumped into a businessman who was actually Clark Kent that was disguised as Superman. Now the two sisters have superhero like guys who can defend.
Clark Kent falls in love with the princess right away. After that, they got married and lived happily ever after.


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