The Unsung Heroes…

I see the patience in your eyes,

Talking and being very kind,

And you’re trying to find,

What is not right with my mind.

I see the sweats on your sides,

Working hard day and night,

To keep the campus clean,

And you take breaks in between,

Talking to me like families.

I hear the steps of your feet,

Walking without feeling fatigue,

Sorting out mails and keep them neat,

Making sure to deliver the kits.

I hear the sound of your kiss,

On the forehead of a child,

And pray that she’ll be fine,

Sometimes I hear you sign,

And it’s ok to cry,

The hope is very high,

Because of all the signs,

You are my unsung heroes.


Have I Ever Thank You?

Have I ever thank you?

For all the sleepless nights.

Have I ever thank you?

For all the sacrifices.

Have I ever thank you?

For all the care you gave.

Have I ever thank you?

For all the work you done.

Have I ever thank you?

For nursing me when I was a baby.

Have I ever thank you?

For bathing me when I was small.

And now I can stand tall,

And forget to pick up the call.

And it’s the season of Fall.

It’s been raining and cold.

And now you grow old.

Weaker everyday

How am I to say?

Whether it is okay,

To live without you.

You’re my silent hero.

When life was tough

And you hit the ground.

But you always count,

The blessings in your life.

You teach me to fly high,

Soar above the sky,

And never deny,

The calling of your heart.

One day I go far,

Away from mama.

I forget about my old car,

You saved and bought for me.

I forget about my house’s keys 🔑,

To the home I was belonged.

And now everything all gone!

No shows to be shown,

No one to be kind,

But I can’t deny,

The calling of my heart,

That mama taught me

It is the sole key,

To bring back memories.

You’re not longer here.

Anymore with me.

And life gets tough sometimes,

It hits me to the ground,

But I always count,

My blessings in life,

And always to be kind.

That’s how I can find you.

In my very own heart ❤️

And I want to thank you.

Now and forever more.

For being my Valentines

You are one of a kind.

And always be mine!

The Best Year,

The best year of my life

Is year that I struggle the most.

The best year of my life

Is the year that I was puzzled the most.

The best year of my life

Is the year that I tremble the most.

Struggles with tears.

Puzzled with doubts.

Trembles with fear.

But nothing is impossible.

And there’s always hope.

There’s always light,

At the end of the tunnel.

When there’s darkness,

Let there be light.

When there’s doubt,

Have faith!

When there’s fear,

Have courage!

The light will show you the ways,

Your faith will keep you not astray,

And courage will help you stand straight.

Look up,

And see the sun ☀️

Look down,

You will see the ground.

Nothing is perfect!

But the best year of all,

Is the darkest of all,

Because you’d be transformed.

You’d be molded.

You’d be better,




And that’s when you can offer the universe,

The best essence of yourself.

Rhymes of Affirmations,

It’s good to be grateful & greatful.

It’s good to be thankful & thinkful.

It’s good to be joyful & soyful ( soy is good for you).

It’s ok to be cheerful & tearful sometimes.

Always be funfill with what you have.

Always be loving and laughing.

Always be caring and dearing.

In a busy day, don’t forget to have a BC day ( be charitable ).

Your ego is an eww goal.

Those three qualities will set you free: humility, humility and humility.

Don’t forget to slow down to look at yourself and your cells, to make sure you are healthy and you can help thee.

Your knees are all you need because indeed they are your means to the Dean.

Kneeling down on your knees is all you need sometimes.

You Are The Reason,

Your smile,

Is the reason for me,

To carry on

Carry on

Your kiss,

Is the reason for me,

To keep it on,

Keep it on.

Your voice,

And your talk,

Is the reason for me,

To move it on,

Move it on.

Your smell,

And your touch,

Is the reason for me,

To fire it on,

Fire it on.

You are,

And your love,

Is the reason for me,

To love it on.

Love it on.

I love you baby ❤️ 💕 💗


Everyday you pass by me,

I look at you and you look at me.

Everyday you pass by me,

I smile at you and you smile at me.

Everyday you look at me,

Everyday you smile at me.

To say I’m not alone.

To say you’ll always be by my side.

Everyday you tell me it’ll be ok.

Someday is good,

Someday is bad,

But it’ll be ok.

As long as you stay,

Always by my side.

Just to look at me,

And smile at me.

Every single day.


We are all broken,

Broken inside,

In a way,

Many ways,

Different ways…

We are all broken,

Broken inside,

In your heart,

In your soul,

In your mind…

Being broken,

It doesn’t define us.

It doesn’t modify us.

It doesn’t beat us.

It’s ok,

To be broken,

The brokenness in us,

Makes us a better person.

Makes us a better soul.

For this world,

Is a broken world.

Being broken,

For your heart to bleed,

Streaming out with love.

Blended with kindness,

And compassion.

It’s ok to be broken,

So you can be humbled,

So you can be kind,

So you can show empathy,

Toward other people.

Everyone is broken,

In their own ways,

And it’s ok to say,

I am broken,

I am lost,

But I am found,

And I am loved.

Now it’s time to move on.

And spread all your love,

And be the love,

You want to see,

In this world.

Everyone is broken,

But everyone is loved.

And love is the force,

Keeps us carry on.