In the Present Moment,

The birds are singing,

The winds are breezing,

In the stillness of my heart.

In the very present moment,

I find God.

In the tranquility,

In the serenity,

In the depth of my soul,

In the very present moment,

I find God.

His love for me,

Will endure forever.

His mercy for me,

Embrace my weaknesses.

The fragrance of roses,

The crispness of the air,

The beautiful blue sky,

The amazing white clouds,

I’m so at awe…

At your creation. 

With a deep gratitude,

I thank God.

For all His love,

And His mercy.

In the present moment,

I find healings.

I find true love.


Learning How to Love!

A love in Him,

A love in me,

A love in everyone.

Learning how to love,

With an open heart,

With an gentle soul,

Learning how to love,

By giving up,

By sacrificing,

The body,

The union,

Is so sacred,

It’s the temple,

To worship God,

Can’t be blemish


Human love,

Comes together,

Becomes perfect love,

Then you know how to

Truly love





Be my lighthouse

My love

My savior


Be my spouse,

My sweetheart

My hope


Will you marry me?

Marry my heart,

And my soul.

I’m all yours.


Please take me away,

Lift me up,

I need you Jesus!

Please love me!

Please embrace me!


Love is in the Air

Love is in the air

Love is everywhere

Love is in your heart

Love is in your soul

Your mind and your body

Fill up with love

Hope and happiness

Embraces your soul

What is love?

What is hope?

And happiness?

It’s in the moments

It’s in the faith

It’s in the beauty

Every trace of you

Brings back joy

Hope and happiness




So soft

So gentle

So warm


In the air


In your heart

And in your soul

Oh My Sleeping Child…

Oh my sleeping child,

Watching you sleeping,

Every single breath,

Breathing in and out…

So peaceful,

So innocent,

So tranquil…

Watching you sleeping,

All the worries,

All the sadness,

All just melts away…

Oh my sleeping child,

Your sleep is so sweet,

Your smile is so bright,

Your presence is so heavenly,

This is heaven on earth,

In the here and now,

When I’m by your side,

When I see you smile…

Oh my sleeping child!



And it’s just sometimes,

It’s so easy to hate than to love,

It’s so easy to blame than to understand.


And it’s just sometimes,

It’s so easy to be bitter than to be better,

It’s so easy to throw away than to save.


And it’s just sometimes,

It’s so easy to judge than to accept,

It’s so easy to hate than to love.


Die and Thrive…

You either die,

Or you thrive…

It seems so easy.

And so obvious.

Just like black and white.

But in fact, it’s not

You must have to die,

Die of yourself,

Die of your past,

Die of every cell,

In your deepest tissue.

All the veins and nerves,

Open up your wounds,

Your body is dying,

Withering away…

And one day it’s dead.

Death of the old cells,

Death of the old self,

Then from death it rises,

Give birth to new life,

Give birth to new hope.

Give birth to new self,

Full of energy,

And vitality,

Full of joy and love,

Hopeful and peaceful.

Thriving up again,

To die,

Then to thrive!