Dear God,

Please teach me,

To love,

Without reservation.

To love,

Without limitation.

Please teach me,

To be kind,

To be gentle,

And sensitive,

To other’s needs

And other’s feelings

Please teach me,

Please show me the way!

Please mold me,

Into your instruments,

Of love,

Of peace,

And bring hope,

And light…


A Water Dam…

A dam is a dam,

It doesn’t give a dam.

To all of the shame.

No matter where it came.

A dam is a dam,

It doesn’t give a dam.

To all the pricey clams.

Even on Hall of Fame,

A dam is a dam,

It doesn’t give a dam.

To all the hollow names.

A dam is a dam,

It’s just a water dam,

Flowing down day and night,

The force of a life.

Keep moving,

Keep running,

Keep going,

A dam is a dam…

The Story of a Crab,

A crab is a crab,

It doesn’t give any crabs,

To any other crabs.

Because it’s a crab.

A crab is a crab,

It doesn’t make any crabs,

To it’s loving crabs.

A crab is a crab,

It won’t looking for crabs,

And won’t give a crab,

To any other crabs,

That are not it’s loving crabs.

A crab is a crab,

That doesn’t give a crab,

To any other crabs. 


Why do I have to care?

Why do I have to ask?

I don’t have to care!

I don’t have to ask!

Worry about the kids.

Worry about him.

Do I get benefit because of that?

Do I get prettier because of that?

It gives me more wrinkles.

It gives me more headaches.

Then I don’t have to ask.

I don’t have to worry.

Because “You don’t need to know more”

Even though he told me,

“You are a part of my life, and my kid’s life”

“You don’t need to know more!”

That’s fine.

I won’t have to ask.

I won’t have to care.

It’s none of my business.

It’s better for me.

No wrinkles,

No headaches,

No heartaches from the conversation…

Life and Death,

What a dramatic event,

What an unlikely chance,

Never in my life,

Expect something like this,

Never in my life,

Thought it would ever happen.

What an unlikely event,

Tablets, pills, supplements 

Just like a regular routine,

Just like any other days,

But wait,

Just wait,

Hold on…

Something dramatic happened…

Tablets got so stubborn,

It stuck in my throat,

Wouldn’t go down…

Wouldn’t go down…

Even with more water,

Would stuck there even more…

I have to call for help,

Who would I call right now?

The first person in mind,

Would be my honey, my dear…

He’s busy,

He’s too far…

Then I called nine one one,

Explained what happened,

Gave them information,

Oh my God…

It was getting worse…

I couldn’t breath,

My airway was obstructed…

I felt so closed to death…

Well not exactly yet…

But so closed to danger…

Things can be just fine,

In one very moment,

But the next instance,

Would be so critical…

They were on their ways…

I tried to talk,

I tried to think straight,

They asked me to cough.

I coughed and I coughed,

Oh my thank goodness,

The tablets came out,

I felt better now,

I felt I could breath,

One more time again…

I stayed still, hold still,

My heart was racing,

My breath was shallow,

My hands were trembling…

All the adrenaline rush,

All the cortisol,

All the blood sugar,

Just keep pumping up.

That morning,

Was never be the same again…

At that very moment,

Between life and death,

It can be so closed.

Life is such fragile!

So thin,

And so small…

Between life and death

I’m not ready yet,

I just prayed to God,

To keep me safe from harm,

And keep my soul pure,

I’m not ready yet,

To meet you just yet,

I can’t die…

In a state of sins…

Oh my God, my Lord,

Have mercy on me…

Forgive me my sins…

Forgive me my faults,

Forgive me my mistakes,

Have mercy on me…

I want to see You,

But I’m not ready yet,

I need to purify,

My heart and my soul,

My mind and my body…

Have mercy on me,

For all the sins I’ve made,

In my thoughts,

In my words,

And in my actions…

Teach me to be pure,

Teach me to be good,

Teach me to be kind,

Let me be an instrument of Yours,

An instrument of Love,

Because Love is You,

And You are my Love…

Are You There ?

Are you there?

When I need you the most,

Are you there?

When I’m at my weakest,

Are you there?

When I’m almost dying…

Are you there?

Just by my side,

Lend me a hand,

Give me your care,

Tender with love.

Will your love big enough?

To sustain us?

Will your love great enough?

To maintain us?

Will you still love me?

When I’m not lovable.

Will you still love me?

When I’m not sexy.

Will you still care for me?

Will you raise me up?

Or put me down.

Will you protect me?

Or condemn me.

Only true love,

Can sustain,

Can maintain,

Can endure.



Oh my true love.

My great love,

Of all time…

To Love and not to Judge, 

When you judge,

You don’t have time to love


Can be harsh,

Can be subtle,

Looking into details,

Of weaknesses,

Of shortcomings,

No one is perfect,

No one is flawless,

Love can be great,

Judgement can be harsh,

When you judge someone,

You don’t have time to love them.




To love,

And not to judge,

Is so hard ,

It’s in human nature,

But if we surrender,

To a greater self,

To a wiser mind,

To a deeper soul,

That’s when we triumph,

The greatest victory of all.

The victory of ourselves.